This is a page solely for anyone 'overly concerned' or curiously wondering why they believe, my prices maybe 'too high'. For those that have joined my classes previously will agree, my style of teaching, content, material and delivery is worth every penny. Read the Feedback!


When you go to a large organisation to study, i.e. college or even private tuition, you may know the college has worked out the prices to be fair to what is taught, overheads, planning, tuition and more.


Nothing is different other than the college may employee a multitude of staff to do an array of things from Administration to Accounting to Course Developing to Delivery Training to Course Evaluations to Advertising, Marketing and more.


I do not employee anyone as I do all the above single handlely. (P.s I am looking for a part-time PA, so if you know anyone that might be interested lol)

When people first see my 'high end' prices, the think... "what...da....."

But, with no idea the entire programme has been built to generate a class to provide content and value to enable growth in that area you are studying.

This is not a justification - but an explanation as some who are fail to initially realise the price contains much more than just the 'content taught on the day'.

TAP.dip. I hold many certifications under the Training Accreditation Programme: About 7 costing about £1200 each to gain the necessary knowledge, skill to use to help teach to a higher level. I am a DSNUt holding a diploma of the SNU, and a CSNU in teaching. Let me not get started the thousands, and thousands spent on this learning journey to reach this place of awareness, knowledge, skill. 


I have taught in the adult learning spectrum for over 20 years. As I high end course developer, organiser, writer, design specialist, coach, presentation, speaker and demonstrator my prices reflect the professional content students receive in the Masterclasses.


I pre-plan, formulate a step-by-step structure of what the 'viewer, the student' will see, may react to etc. Then I put into action what the 'outcome' is, what is the goal for the student, what is the objectives taught to achieve that goal?

I then plan the timings of all the content which can take up to 1 - 3 days depending on the length of the course, and then, research the appropriate imagery, videos if using, which can take up to a day again to find the right 'material' for that high end visual impact.


I also pay for my imagery used in all marketing and websites, so there is a cost there.  The fun aspect is starting as a jigsaw puzzle and then as I know how to pull the pieces together coherently so that the student, attendee, client will be able to 'digest' the information in a palatable way that makes sense, and become an investment of their education to use later where they see fit.

The admin takes places from booking to registering and securing the place to returning emails to update students, to booking their place online, to ensure they receive the right zoom link details, to answering emails from said students, to updating the paypal invoices to my accounts, to covering the overheads of the online resources used to 'teach students' to lightening to professional high end microphones, to overhead projects and streaming webcams and more.  This is outside of the artwork materials continuously buying for new masterclasses. I recently spent £200 on materials for an upcoming masterclass in Dec to add new flavour.

Now, all this is before I've even begun teaching. Ensuring I have 3 monitors to work from and back up data, other machines should I experience Wi-fi difficulties on one to ensure we are able to continue the lesson.

Don't get me started on the hours and hours it takes to create the marketing material - wording, and creating online marketing events in multiple ways to promote the course/event/workshop.

Again, this is done by myself with no assistance.  I also give about 14 hours of my week in a volunteer basis helping others in varied forums I teach in, plus the additional 15 mins to 60 mins after each class (for free) to further be available to answer student's questions.   

Online Teacher


I pride myself on giving high content, value to each person and making their paid investment, worth it! So no apologies for my prices, as 30 years experience is going into each session I teach.

I maybe on the higher end of prices, but because I will spend the hours developing, learning my craft to ensure YOU as the student will walk away with a fast-track version to go ahead, grow, and expand in confidence and your Spiritual Wings.

My prices are reasonable for the entire process that has gone into showcasing a Workshop, Event, Masterclass for you to learn from to be BETTER at what you do and to give you PEACE of MIND and CLARITY.

I hope that brings a better perspective into why my prices may seem 'high' but in fact, considering the content delivery and all above ,  it's fairly reasonable.

Much Love

Anne x