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Private 1:1 Mentoring

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Another wonderful, creative and inspiring private 1:1 coaching class to help you learn how to create amazing psychic art WATERCOLOUR auragraphs.  This is a wonderful, opportunity whist the service lasts to book an appointment with Anne-Marie to aid your growth in Spirit and Psychic Art.


You will learn all you need to know to concept design, colour theory and how to create images if you are unable to draw but also at the end the opportunity of learning how to read your Psychic Auragraphs.  You will also be shown how Anne-Marie begins her own Auragraphs for her clients.


You will be given a material list at least 5 days prior to the session as Anne-Marie tutors you along the way. The session will begin with a mini lecture/tutorial and then proceed in helping you step by step as Anne-Marie watches you work, providing tips along the way.  This is a longer session due to the time needed to explore your skills and give you design tips so you create the very best of your work. 



This session is open for complete beginners, those of you that draw like matchstick men/women to novices or return students.   You will leave the session with a FULL completed piece of artwork as a Psychic Art Auragraph, plus you will personally receive 'a mini auragraphs psychic demo reading' from Anne-Marie using your own artwork! You will be given best practice to store or hang your artwork.  

You will have learnt all the practical elements taught in the group workshop and have a fast-track session to upskill you as you will be the ONLY student in the classroom.

Please note: You are booking a Masterclass as the sole student with the tutor.  You may ask as many questions as you like throughout and this creates a nice friendly bond, as the tutor will give guidance on your drawings throughout.


A private session will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.

60 mins: This will be a discussion plus demonstration on shared zoom screen. Once paid your session can begin within 14 days (or later if preferred).

Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


1 hour

Discussion / Training

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