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Private Mentorships can support fast-track development

Meet Your Mentor!

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Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Winner 2014


Anne-Marie Bond

Spiritualist Medium DSNU(D)t


Spirit Portrait Artist, Visionary Artist, Psychic Artist and Pet Portrait Artist

Distance Learning


TAP.Dip Practitioner

Diploma in Learning Facilitation

Home Goods Shop

Ideas Coach

Small Business Coach

Spiritual Life Purpose Guide


Assembly Host

Spiritualist Speakers Service Ambassador/Founder


Developing Mediumship skills can be a long and lonely journey for some. With the private mentorships it supports fast-track development in learning certain skills to improve your connection to Spirit. 


Instead of developing with other mentorships students in a classroom of 20, you will be the sole student.  Therefore, your mentorship payment reflects becoming a 'private student' resulting in gaining 100% of your tutor's attention whose focus is on your skill, your ability, accuracy and presentation.   Within a mentorship where a high presence of 'multiple students' are in one class you may find less attention paid upon your own personal progress, journey and practical development.  Anne-Marie doesn't promote within 6 Months - you will become the best medium.  There also has to be a natural progression, however, you will be supported with techniques that endeavours to extend, expand, and stretch your fluidity.  Therefore, what you will learn about your own skill and confidence in a 2-3 year mentorship, you will be driven towards finding this out 'quicker', within the Private Mentorship.  

Not everyone can 'commit' to a two year mentorship

By joining the Private Mentorship with Anne-Marie you will be able to have private tuition to support fast-tracking your development within a six months period and gain the flexibility of suitable dates  / times (changeable each month) to suit your working/home schedule and time-zone.  


There are two ways to book your seven months private mentorship investment:  

1) Pay in Full (receive a £100 discount) by 20th September 2021 latest 30th!!

2) Pay in 4 instalments - incurs additional admin fees

After forwarding your payment

You will receive an email with PAYMENT confirmation with three dates/times to choose from for your first consultation/session.

If you are a complete beginner you should book 1:2:1 pay as you go coaching sessions to go through the basic mechanics, sitting the power, making a contact and talking to spirt. Click the RED button below if you are a beginner.

Disclaimer: As the mentorship has been offered, changes in prices have changed to reflect the investment you make into private :(not 20 in a group) mediumship tuition.



The private mentorship is designed for those interested in developing their platform mediumship to give effective, touching and accurate information to assist the  recipient receiving what they consider as their evidence.

We look review how to gain more confidence, stay in the power and bring the presence of spirit through your mediumship demonstrations.


We will address your fears in speaking and demonstrating publicly and review ways to assist your reducing fears and standing and demming more confidently.


We will look at your sense of spirit perception, holding the evidence and looking at steps to find your own personal mediumistic style.


Learn how to give your spiritual contact within 7-8 minutes and 3 within 25 mins. How to not 'hold or receive' information before you work.


Covering the importance of diversity, ethics and responsibility within your role as a medium.


Reviewing your strengths to increase, enhance, develop weaker areas. Reviewing a NO, and structures to help turning the No into a yes with examples and samples to give you a better idea how to approach the next No when on the platform.


Looking at the structure of the EGS of Mediumship and identifying yourmediumistic speciality and looking at written examples to provide the theory of understanding three methods of types of evidence delivery.


Sitting in the Power vs Meditation when to use each and how to use both to enhance your Mediumship growth.


Focusing on your preparation the day before your demonstration and the day of the platform demonstration. 


Watching your demonstration and providing you with verbal feedback to review ways to enhance your skill, presentation, and teaching how to 'stay within the story'.

Families Communicating Via Video Calls


with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU(D)t


Helping you to become
Your Kind of Medium

Classes will be held online via Zoom.  Your mentorship investment also includes times and dates which will be arranged to fit around your home/working schedule.   Instalments are welcomed.

Meeting times: 

Fortnightly - for six months tuition as the sole student helping you to maximise your learning and understanding and heightening your current standard.  The level will be taught to exam level for those joining have had previous experience demonstrating and for those newer to platform ready standard.  Approx. two classes will be mixed with a small limited group. Each training mentoring session lasts for 1hr 30 minutes and your training will vary between practicing your Mediumship, for platform presence, private sittings, attunement to spirit, reviewing dems, and finding the route to building more accuracy in your evidence delivery.  Changes to your investment has changed to reflect private tuition, guidance, mentoring, progression feedback and more.

One complementary session at the end of your six months mentorship where you may opt to demonstrate your mediumship in a controlled public forum for you to demonstrate 2-3 contacts back to back with mentoring feedback.  Your name will also be put forward to 3 respected presidents of Spiritualist churches should your final demonstration meet the standard required, so you can begin or continue to expand your journey as a working Medium.

If you arrive to me as a beginner (never demonstrated publicly before), you would be recommended to do a minimum years mentorship with me first.

You will be given exercises to practice throughout.

Each session begins with a talk/consultation based on what has been completed previously and lesson itinerary plus training exercises.  Depending upon your skill at times I may arrange for a supportive guest to be present to walk through your demonstration / reading / contact all to support and provide helpful growth feedback.

Level Entry: Strong Beginners to Intermediates / higher



Your investment is to healthily challenge your evidence style, increase flow, confidence, storytelling, expressing the spirits presence, supporting your growth, facilitating the expansion of your ability to ensure your foundation is solid.  You are booking private tutoring with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU(D)t, Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Winner, TAP.dip Professional (Train the Trainer) in Facilitation, Effective Presentations, Design and Delivery in Training, Coaching, and holding DTLLS for over 10 years (equivalent to a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training).  


As a Design and Delivery eLearning Specialist (Digital) you will also gain insight how to design a free poster to promote your event at the end of the Mentorship should you need it, this is your responsibility to request at the end.  You will also gain an in-house Completion Certificate of Achievement more details below.


This investment you are paying as the sole student is that you will be mentored by a Teacher with over 20 years’ experience teaching adults and who understands the differences between varied learning styles, needs and various supports to assist when required.  Take a look at the students feedback received over the last few years from students attending either workshops, private sittings, courses etc to gain an impression of how others feel regarding the support of teaching you can expect.


Instalments are accepted but, pay the first two instalments before your 1st lesson and the bonus, your FIRST lesson begins when YOU want, as long as your first, two paid instalments are received no later than 28th December you choose when to start between the 24th September and 28th December. New intakes may then need to wait until March/April 2022.


Should you pay for the Mentorship in FULL by September 20th, you will receive a reduction of £100. Choose the right payment option below.

Certificate Completion The Portrait of Spirit - Spirit Portrait Mentorship (10).png


AWARDED as in-house from Anne-Marie Bond stamping her approval of your level of standard. This certificate is not affiliated with any outside professional establishment but from the standard Anne-Marie has set.   You will only receive this if taking part in the final end of mentorship demonstration to a controlled audience.  

Beginners to Mediumship: Completion Credit, Merit or Distinction



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Award of £100 discount when paying in full.

Opting to pay in FULL for your Mediumship Mentorship £1200 by 20th September 2021, your discount is £100.00.   

I look forward to having you on board and assisting your growth as you proceed towards becoming 'Your Kind of Medium'.

An additional PayPal admin payment will incur at checkout. To opt out of paying the admin fee send payment direct to 



Paypal account: 

Please select friends/family only

I will acknowledge your payment within1- 3 hours! If not confirmation please send a quick email.


Anne-Marie Bond DSNU (D)t

Certificate Completion The Portrait of Spirit - Spirit Portrait Mentorship (10).png


Deposit Non-Refundable


Anne-Marie Bond DSNU (D)t

Payment required PRIOR to 1st your appointment

You are welcome to pay for your mentorship in 4 payments, the first being a non-refunadable deposit.  

Once paid you will receive an email confirmation within 1-3 hours. There will be a £35.00 instalment payment included in the price whereby the total fee is £1235 (non including the paypal admin fee).  An additional PayPal admin fee will incur at checkout. To opt out of paying the admin fee by send direct payment to