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Creating a FULL SET

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Entry Level: Mixed

04 + 05 November 2022  via ZOOM

DAY 1: 5.00pm-8.30pm UK BST

DAY 2: 3.00pm-8.00pm UK BST

All International students welcome. This is a higher priced workshop due to the INTENSIVE techniques you will learn, software and information how to design cards without the need to draw your artwork.

Please check the timezone of our own country on the internet.

Standard: Two-day

VIP: Two-day >> Additional time at the end of the workshop to answer any questions and to receive extra tuition based on your theme.


Welcome to the

Design Your Own Oracle Deck of Cards Specialised and Intensive Two-Day Workshop



This workshop is geared to support you designing your first or second full set of psychic clairvoyance oracle cards. 

The aim is to support you with the design and how to use the technology software to use multiple images to create the overall design you want.  For those purchasing the VIP, when you receive your deck if you want to send me a copy, I will provide a mini reading using your cards on yourself.  As a professional intuitive I will provide an Oracle reading for you.


Over two days and the evening you will be guided how to design a full set of 22 daily guidance cards. You will learn how best to use the Oracle cards as a daily card for yourself or for others.  A successful workshop ran over a number of years open to the UK and International non-UK students held via Zoom.  Suitable for return students who wish to commit to building their deck of cards and may need a refresher.

A wonderful step by step full LIVE demonstration oracle design workshop.



During the workshop students will test their design cards on each other and make any tweaks if necessary. This allows you and others to walk away with a mini reading!  It's possible within a matter of days on completion of the workshop you shall be holding your first deck of Oracle Cards. Opening them from your new sealed box.  Once again, previous students welcome.

You do not need to be a tarot or oracle reader OR an artist to attend.  You just need a theme or gain your ideas in the classroom.

Previous comments

"Excellent workshop"

"Well worth the money"

"Didn't believe I could design, now I know I can"

"I'd highly recommend this workshop"

When you pay below, you will receive a payment confirmation directly from myself within 0 -7 hours of payment made.  This email will contain all details you need.  Advisable to book in advance to ensure you have the time to gather the items required.

Welcome Aboard!

Please note due to wanting to ensure I am able to assist all students, there will be limited entry.

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I'll explain the best and legal way to do it. It's possible that within four sales you could earn back the workshop fee paid for this course.   This is optional however! Also, a copy of your oracle deck will be placed on this page for others to click the link to your site.

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