The principles of this school follow certain spiritual beliefs and of these all are used as a foundation in which our student's are taught.
We believe Mediumship is a mind2mind process that used correctly can able a person to commune with discarnate spirits whom would be our loved ones having died as a human form, but have maintained their spiritual conscious awareness and are all STILL very much alive, in the realm known as the Spirit World! 
Through Evidential Information
Proof of Survival after death
Can be Obtained
We all reside inside the infinite Spiritual World, however, we exist in an experience of gravity that creates a basis of physical illusion. A dream state appearing to all as a highly functioning Physical Reality.  It's through communication with those that have travelled back to the real awakened world, have the ability to touch our minds (those awakening to the concept we are dreaming) and give us a hint of their conscious conversation to prove life, lives on both sides of the awakened state.
Mediumship where evidence is obtained by the separate mind of the person deemed as 'dead' but information unknown to the person called the Medium, begins the process of awakening more minds that, in fact, what was once considered Death and the end, is in fact our beginning of a new chapter of living life.
Now, in order to give evidence, Mediums are required by this school to learn the basic principles what makes an effective medium and are encouraged if choosing not to join the Spirit Art On-line classes they instead join the LIVE 1 hour workshops or RENT the video tutorial " The Effective Role of a Medium ".
Too often platform mediums (the technology modern kind) are taught in a contagious way that provides psychicism to those seeking it, as mediumship. Delivering Mediumship, confidentially, accurately, emphatically, audibly sound is an Art form.  This is all before we even begin to add Spirit art drawings!
Trainee Mediums that become a member of this school are taught a variation of evidential communication mediumship skills to discover their own unique ability in the way they receive, perceive and translate information.  This is where the instructor can assess your ability and provide useful and beneficial techniques that will only IMPROVE your flow, evidence, confidence and overcome your fear to communicate  in front of an audience.
Private Mentorship with instructor Anne-Marie Bond CSNU.dst consists of coaching individual learners on the sole premises of Mental Mediumship to a qualifying, n above satisfactory standard.  The On-line Spirit Art Course delivers aspects of Mediumship to support existing skills, but not to a fast-track level as the private mentorship does.
Not everybody needs to aspire to become a celebrity medium as for what the spirit world really needs, are down to earth, reliable, sincere, good mediums that if the pathway to the red carpet is for them, then so be it.  The lessons in this school teach students to platform demonstrations, however, it doesn't mean you have to become a Platform Demonstrator, but knowing these skills will increase your confidence in private sittings regardless.
Learning how to engage within the power to draw upon it's power when delivering mediumship is a skill within itself. 
Over the 3 levels of the Spirit art course you will be taught skills in drawing the form of physical faces which represent the essence of how the communicator looked, but alongside focusing on Mediumship, to give outstanding evidence!
So if you're looking for training development that helps you build confidence WITHIN your comfort zone, to support your courage when ready to stand for spirit, then join soon!
Only strong willed, open-minded, committed to spirit, a need to help others,
a belief in Spiritualism and the after-life, but perhaps in need of more courage and confidence should apply.
COURSE 3 for 2018
"Outstanding Tutor, brilliant lessons. Helped me a great deal!"
Confidence in Mediumship