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How can you tell if you need a Private Coach?


If you have found your development stalling, confidence swaying or simply feel a little confused at exactly what you should be focusing on spiritually, these appointments will be beneficial. If you feel you need to improve your skills, then Anne-Marie's private coaching appointments could complete that gap.  You will a full description of each service offered below for a private coaching session. These will always be at a higher price as the investment the coach puts into your sole development.  Instalments to suit your budget are accepted.


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PASSION to WEALTH Private Mentoring

(via Zoom) - Coaching Appointments 

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In this private appointment with Anne-Marie, it is solely to uncover how to turn your ideas into a second income, whether you are thinking of setting up your own business or turning your creativity into passive income.


The aim is to help you see your potential at attracting financial wealth. A lot of people go through life wishing they had more money but never realise how easy it is to make.  Someone like YOU, may just need a helping hand to show you how and it's through this appointment you are going to discover your potential at making money from YOUR ideas.  Together we are going to dust the cobwebs, and see the true beauty of your hidden talents.   Anne-Marie has this innate ability to see into people’s Soul and see what their money making potentials are.  Once the pathway is followed, you can, like others within a short period of time to turn your ideas into receiving a cash inward flow.



In this session Anne-Marie will explain using your potential how to earn £2000+ within 1 week, or within 1 month. There is no magic, tricks or need to learn about stock broking.  She will show YOU the route for you to take, to make extra LEGAL money to clear any debt you have acquired, or perhaps that of family/friends, use it to save for the future, buy a car or, finally treat yourself and go on a luxury holiday. Christmas is coming up, (we know depressing for some) but what are you doing to prepare to make money?  This is a coaching session that AIMS to provide a clear blue print for you to follow, begin the steps forward to your success and how to overcome no LONGER feeling bad, for being successful!  It's ok to invite wealth into your bank balance.


Choose from the 30 mins appointment and through discussion you will find your next steps to regaining your sense of self back or choose the 90 mins to have Anne-Marie help you create your blueprint that will start the change and finally gain a better perspective to finally turning your ideas into wealth. She has done it, so can you!


Please note: This is for a private session, tutor with student. The cost will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.Your investment ensures you are not learning from someone who has learnt their skills over a weekend at college, or via YouTube. You will gain knowledge and experience Anne-Marie has acquired over the last 10 years to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal. She is a certified, qualified Medium and Teacher.

30 mins: This will be a discussion via Zoom or Facebook Call

90 mins: This will be a discussion plus demonstration on shared zoom screen

Once booked an appointment is made within 1-10 days regarding schedule suitability for both.

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Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


1.5 hrs

Discussion / Planning


30 mins


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