Why Hire a

Private Tutor?

Creative, bespoke sessions for FAST-TRACK learning to acheive success


If you are still non-confident, have been developing for months or years and have worked as a medium or even taught others, but yet no closer to understanding your own true ability or confidence as a speaker, medium or in another specific area, then hiring me as a private tutor will allow focus to be on a problamitc area, save many additional class hours spent on developing aspects that were not your problamitc areas.

My private tutoring service give each student/client the chance for private study in one particular l problem area. You gain 100% tutor attention for the entire duration of the appointment time.  I will create a bespoke blueprint in the appointment that supports your continued development beyond the session.  You will be taken through a number of questions to gain answers that reveals the true heart of the issue and perhaps unfold aspects of what you didn't know, that you needed to know.   My goal is to assist you finding the answers for your where, when, how questions to resolve the block hindering you or delays you from being your authentic self in the area you are struggling with x



You will find me quite direct, upfront and hold nothing back. The session will be intensive and impactful as I believe in making use of every second.  Some have said it's like having a 2 week class rolled into one session. I believe in giving value for every penny paid and therefore, private tuition with me, is only meant for those ready to step into a new chapter of the area they wish to evolve in.  Every session is different but all clients are valued and given 100% of my time.

Due to the working week of teaching, designing and coaching, the sessions are usually held on a Friday (daytime) or Saturday (early morning or later in evening). If you are unable to do these times, I will work around a schedule best suited for you. 


Time-zones, won't matter as I've taught people 4am (UK time) to support 5pm their time.



I believe if supporting your needs and being authentic and appraoching each session with a template that becomes your blueprint for what you need, so that the steps I show you, mirror to what the outcome is that you are looking to acheive.


The services I provide are always held in the utmost strictest confidence and to a professional standard. Even working mediums or professionals seek my service.  I hope to hear from you so you may begin the journey of change, but it takes you to make the first step and get in touch.  I offer you the opportunity to hire me as your private tutor for 2 hours.  I will be able to assist you in a specific area you may struggling with and teach you how to overcome through the obstacle or challenge you may be facing.  Sometimes what takes a few months in a large class based group can be achieved in as little as 3 hours. 



When developing your skills in a class based environment with another 20 students it's easy to be overlooked if you are not vocal at gaining the tutors constant attention. Large groups are great for the social aspect and opportunity of learning with multitude of different personalities, some you will get on with and perhaps some you won't. After spending possibly a few thousands wouldn't you expect to have reached a point of some kind of 'understanding and awareness' of how (the actual steps) to overcome your personal blocks or fears?


Whilst, I may not have all the answers, and maybe not be the 'one stop' tutor for some, I maybe your tutor who can help and support and assist you achieving in as little as 1.5 hours, the understanding and techniques and answers to multitude of questions you may have and gain homework to do at home, to lead you to that place of sense of achievement, accomplishing the overall long-term goal and confidence in self.



Isn't it time to finally place a huge investment into your own goals to seek your own personal achievements? Knowing how easy it is - to spend the same cost on other aspects in your life, food, clothes, shoes, or thousands on travelling to LARGE grouped classes where you may even go unnoticed, wouldn't you like to be ahead with others, or just ahead for yourself? How about rewriting your status and see the investment as a positive step towards become the successful you, that is now obtainable?


Learning how to TRUST, start with you believing  I can help and making that first booking.  If within the first 10 minutes you are not happy, I promote a money back offer whereby you will get a full refund less £20 reserved for the consultation booking /and PayPal admin fee.

Take a look at the students feedback page that also incorporates samples of clients comments.



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