ABOUT Auragraphs (Three Workshop levels)

Auragraphs are Visual Representations, imagery drawn on paper or painted on canvas by the psychic artist to represent the recipients life journey, mood, spiritual awakening in picture format.  

The Portrait of Spirit's Auragraph workshops are FUN, unique and a great way to start learning how to draw for the non-artists, but also a great place to improve your artistry for those with more experience.


Level 1 (click here): 09 JAN 2022 Psychic Art Auragraphs (Beginners)

Level 2 (click here): 09 OCT 2021 Spirit Portrait Auragraphs (Intermediates)

Level 3 (click here): Becoming a Professional Auragraphist- (Advanced)



  • Level 1  The Beginning - Drawing, History, Materials, Deming 

  • Level 2  History - Artists - How to draw Angled Spirit Portraiture Auragraphs

  • Level 3  Teaching going professional - prices - Raising Skill - Important facts to know


It is the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. It contains everything about the recipient in vibrational form.  Sometimes we can see the human aura when we squint our eyes and look around 1-2" inches from the body. It may appear as a grey mist. To see the exuberant colours, a specialised aura camera can pick up the energy and of a person as mists of colours.  Drawing an Auragraph picture relies on the intuitiveness of the artist to capture the mood and experiences of the recipient memories of their past, current and even future (based upon their choices made in the past.

You will learn in this workshop how to draw Auragraphs to maximise your skill and connection to the recipient's Aura.  This is what we intend to teach you in this workshop.

This is a great start for anyone who cannot draw, a total beginner or those more skilled and advanced. Treat this workshop as an Auragraph SPA DAY for the mind and soul. Allow yourself 3 hours to detox any stress from this global situation. Allow yourself to set aside some time to unwind with other like-minded people around the world and together in our virtual classroom, learn about, and draw auragraphs.

YOU do not need to be an artist to attend! You just need to have the Spirit to join and come with an array of coloured pencils!

No prior drawing skills necessary - even experienced Mediums may apply!

Many student's FEAR the paper and pencil due to their inner belief they cannot draw.  Even the most popular and successful working mediums demonstrating Mediumship, won't draw because they believe they can't.  I believe they, and YOU can!

Learn how to draw or improve your current drawing skills, combine your psychic intuition to bring more clarity and accuracy then you should join this workshop.

​Psychic art auragraphs provide a takeaway memory gift from what the reading has offered the recipient. They are fun to draw, evokes peace, calm, tranquillity, and when the imagery's are translated to tangible evidence can bring about peace of mind, clarity, hope, insight and even become a roadmap.  

This will be an excellent way to learn how to DEEPEN your psychic reading precision and capture your interpretation about the recipient's life on paper as a beautiful, vibrant surrealist drawing.






Mixed Levels

DATE: 09 OCT 2021

TIME: 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm UK BST

You are responsible to check your own time zone against GMT/BST ahead of the workshop.

ENTRY LEVEL: Mixed Levels

COST: £70.00

ZOOM ID: 988 2343 2913 

  1. A short lunch / comfort break will be provided within the workshop

  2. Password and link will be provided 5 days prior to the event

  3. Due to limitation of student numbers advisable to book in advance

  4. Doors will always open 30 mins prior to event (always arrive early).

  5. Refunds are not provided beyond 48 hours of payment made (for any reason)

  6. Recording of the event is strictly prohibited without prior permission


Learn to draw large Auragraphs to support your drawing of Spirit Portraits and  includes the understanding and difference between Psychic and Mediumistic Interpretation and relaying significant information of the Spirit communicator using the colours within your inspired artwork. 


The session will begin with a presentation talk and then the practical work will begin. 

09 OCT 2021





Spiritual Professionals who are Beginners at drawing.

DATE: 09 JANUARY 2022 

TIME: 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm UK BST

You are responsible to check your own time zone against GMT/BST ahead of the workshop.

  • A 20 mins break will be provided within this workshop - 

  • Password and link will be provided 5 days prior to the event

  • Doors will always open 30 mins prior to event

  • Refunds not provided beyond 48 hours of payment made (for any reason)

  • Recording of the event is strictly prohibited without prior permission

ENTRY LEVEL: Beginners ^ up

COST: £60.00



You are signing up below to be taught how to create your Auragraphs and understand the purpose of the Auragraph, history and interpretation the visual imagery.  You will be taught how to begin the drawing and how to draw 'specific elements'.  This is a step by step specialised workshop and the session will begin with a presentation talk.

09 JAN 2022





Becoming a Professional



Private Workshops for One

You might be wondering where to take what you've learnt in level 1 and level 2. The next stage is focusing on using different mediums that Anne-Marie will show you and also testing your 'reading ability' of various pre-drawn auragraphs.

Recieve guidance, support to strengthen your ability to FREE FLOW the reading but also for specific areas of the recipients life.

Welcome to the Professional level, open to those that have completed level 1 or 2, or if not you may still apply however, you will need to foward an auragraph to Anne-Marie created especially for her with a reading that will be done 'live'.

A great place to elevate your skills by getting ready to read for the public on a larger scale and work through the price ranges, and how to present your sittings in 4 different ways.

As the higher end budget of the auragraph workshop, you will beneift joining as you will be the ONLY student.  Therefore, maximising Anne-Marie's sole attention throughout the time to help fast-tracking what you need to know.


Being able to 'draw' doesn't always equate to being ready to 'charge the public' as their are other factors to consider i.e Tax, the law, the responsiblity etc. There are so many things to consider and you want your sitters to have the best experience.


Anne-Marie will endeavour to evaluate your artwork to help you complement your art at a professional level.  You will understand the private sitting process of Auragraphs and teaching methods behind it, to ensure your sitters gain the best experience.  Discover how to create your auragraphs in four ways:


  1. Recorded (Private)

  2. Live 1:1 (Zoom)

  3. Public Demonstration (Zoom)

  4. Email (Written)

You will be taken through the steps of basic colour theory to create that vibrancy and colour harmony, prices to charge, paper to use, other materials to enhance your professional paperwork. Tips to draw 'better' with more accuracy and prices will be covered.  You will not be thrown in the deep end, as always, Anne-Marie prides her teaching based on the SMART tool:

  • Specific (simple, sensible, significant).

  • Measurable (meaningful, motivating).

  • Achievable (agreed, attainable).

  • Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).

  • Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

This is an extremely useful specialised workshop to maximise the experience for your sitters so they leave fulfilled with clarity, hope and have genuinely received a good service by you. You will be shown how to offer Auragraph parties that create ONE picture for all. 

By the end of level 3, advanced auragraph workshp, you will receive your in-house completion certificate.




Becoming the Teacher

DATE: Private 1:1 Training

TIME: 2 hours.

The exact time will be arranged to suit your schedule and time zone

ENTRY LEVEL: Higher Intermediates/Advanced


ZOOM ID: 957 7235 1856 

  1. A suitable date/time will be scheduled to support your timezone

  2. Training scheduled within a 14 day period of payment being made

  3. Password and link will be provided 5 days prior to the event

  4. Refunds are not provided beyond 48 hours of payment made (for any reason)

  5. Recording of the event is strictly prohibited without prior permission


ABOUT LEVEL 3 - advanced

A very highly recommended Private Workshop to support you becoming a Professional Auragraphist. You do not need to have completed Level 1 or 2, but through an email interview will be able to demonstrate your drawing skills. A paypal administration fee will apply at checkout.


Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

"This Lecture and Workshop will be extremely beneficial if you are interested in psychic art or spirit art. Everyone needs a place to begin and It is totally step by step.

This is a mixed level group where students with no skills or those with a little more knowledge can come together and see how to create an Auragraph from the first mark until the end.  Anne-Marie x"


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