Spirit Portrait by AmBond

for Anne

Paint Brush
Spirit Portrait by AmBond

for Krystle

Avatar Spirit Guide Portrait by AMBond

for Roxi

Avatar Spirit Guide Portraits



Spirit Guide Avatar Portraits - A3 ~ (400 dpi) Email

Hand-drawn Digital Artwork - Full Colour 

​I love completing Avatar Spirit Guides. They are beautiful pieces of vibrant Head Shots portraits, designed from my mind, connected to those from the world unseen connected as Spirit Guides.


They will arrive not always as a Monk, An African Warrior or a Native Indian. They will appear as they allow me to unfold them as I draw.  I never have a preconvied idea of what the outcome will be.  You can see that in the timelapse they start in one way and end up as they influence my mind.


Retrieve a beautiful, vibrant piece of artwork as a visual representation of what I draw as a Spirit Guide stepping into view for you at this time.  They always come in love, peace and compassion, but each with their own duty.  Each completed artwork is one of a kind and no two are the same.

As they can take up to 10 hours, and done over a period of days rather in one sitting as this helps me build the relationship with the guide to then continue painting organcially. The time value is reflected in the price that also includes, your message and free postage and delivery world-wide.




Frame and hang on your wall.  Read the accompanying message and at any time you need assitance, look the artwork to open your mind and within the silence thoughts may flow that provide the clairty, and guidance you need.  Sometimes the answers lay within us but we need a little assistance to get there.

Always with a short caring message, what will yours be?

Electra Blue Digital Art Portrait Painting



You can expect your commission be completed within 15 days or longer up to 30 days in busier periods.  On completion of the artwork the image file will be sent via email direct to you.  No refunds offered unless requested within 24 hours of payment made.



Your price now covers the professional digital art hand-painted Avatar Spirit Guide with uplifting one sentence message, including a hard-copy of the actual poster print A3 delivered to the email address on your paypal account.


To Book: Click the Pay Now button (Can also be ordered as a Gift)


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