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This is a 1:1 intensive coaching/guidance session to bring clarity and purpose to what it is you are seeking.  A bespoke session that is individual to the client.  You may not know your actual direction you should head and guidance in our session could bring forward the light bulb moment in helping you forward in your next steps to feeling more productive, useful and purposeful.

This is a single coaching mentoring appointment (more can be booked at your leisure) and the full focus of the time together will be on you and your life, where it's headed and how to start the ball rolling in making the right steps towards feeling more productive in society and successful in your service to others, including your own spiritual development.



This appointment begins with a friendly consultation, including a welcome talk where I will explain more about the session in detail.  I'll ask you 3 specific questions and your answers will open and widen the doorway into the path of recognition to where you should be headed.  I will be creating a drawing blueprint of the discussion which you get to see and will be sent a copy.  I will also be using my extensive knowledge to pull out what I feel could be useful to your progress.  This is what makes this appointment different to the 'Let's Talk' service.


Has your confidence taken a nose dive? Are you feeling (metaphorically speaking), lost? By the end of the appointment these issues will have been addressed with an action plan in order for the rise of self-esteem and confidence begins once more.   When you work out the direction you should head, clarity begins to form.



A bespoke service that has so far 100% success in clients leaving feeling more enthusiastic with the knowing the steps to take to make significant change. Some clients come to these sessions having their confidence battered through gossip, criticism or by the behaviour of someone they trusted. Others, suffer with the 'imposter syndrome', feeling a fraud or that they aren't good enough, even though the data, the hard facts, shows on paper, they are qualified through experience or certification. 


​Most people want to be happy - but happiness is subjective to each individual.  The aim of the appointment is to help you find your way back to your true self. You'll surprise yourself, how 1.5 hours can lead you to feeling 'mentally less fatigued'.  Let me help you figure 'it' out. 

This Appointment Session

is for YOU!

If you have found yourself reflecting upon your spiritual journey, or career path, YOU might have questions where you are heading.   YOU are now at a point where you want to find to gain success, have more confidence and worry less what others think. If any of the above resonates with you, this appointment will be a successful.  

Discover the route back to your old self, but more with wisdom and the ability to know what you want. This session will help you plan out what you want and the route towards accomplishing that set goal. Sometimes we need someone to support and motivate us, outside our personal friendship circle.  The VIP's have personal coaches, why not you?


The investment will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.Your investment ensures you are not learning from someone who has learnt their skills over a weekend at college, or via YouTube. You will gain knowledge and experience I have acquired over the last 10 years+ to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal. I'm a certified, qualified Medium and Teacher.

The service provided isn't cheap, but nor expensive. I have a level of different budget clientele for other services, which lead into 1:1 mentorships, however, this investment is for all.   This is not your normal conventional therapy session, as I am not a therapist. However, as a TAP.dip a practitioner in coaching, learner engagement, training and delivery and much more, I have formulated a unique service that provides a bespoke blueprint for every client. 


I do not work with a script so therefore my decades of experience working with an adult teaching environment, coaching people, using my intuition and much more qualifies that you will receive the best I have to offer in that session to support your pain being eased.  Not physical pain, but that deep, dark place within, where you may feel lost, alone, unappreciated, unsupported by others, no mojo, smiling on the outside but crumbling on the inside, feeling in limbo, lost at sea.  I believe these types of emotions, mental thoughts are where depression forms, and if suppressed over years and unaddressed, leads to walking away from a path, had you stayed 'success' would have come, or leads to self-harming, addiction, self-sabotage in all ways.

Once your investment is offered.  I will send 3 next appointment dates.

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Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


1.5 hrs

Discussion / Planning

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