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First Steps: Becoming a Medium

11th July 2020 -

(10.30 - 14.30) UK GMT Time

Suitable for

Complete Beginner's to Nervous Mediums, or past Mediums needing to return from foundation up^

Beginners MEDIUMSHIP Masterclass 11 JULY


Learn how to become a Medium!


A MASTERCLASS of Mediumship unfoldment, suitable for beginner's, (lower and higher level beginners), novices or returning mediums from the past! 


If a little doubtful of your Mediumship ability, this is the class for you. As a standalone masterclass it enables you to be taught the fundamentals for the analytical mind how to understand the process  and of a Medium make take. You won't be the only nervous student attending but from your armchair at home, discover how to proceed into the steps of learning how to become a Medium.


Max 10 students - Minimum 3

This Masterclass is a foundation level for beginner's wanting to learn how to become a Medium with standard and quality in their style, delivery, accuracy and overall presentation.

  • Learn to link within the Spirit Power

  • Learn to perceive the their presence 

  • Discover the 10 aspects to improving your skills as a Medium

  • Discover the resources to raise your awareness of Mediumship

  • Watch demonstrations, the good, the bad and the brilliant

  • Learn to articulate the initial start of a mediumship communication

  • Identify your mediumistic style, flow, and strength of evidence

  • Learn the steps you need to TRUST and have more CONFIDENCE.

Within the session you will be given valuable advice, guidance and steps to encourage the flow of confidence when identifying if it's spirit, or is it your mind.


At the start, sit back, relax, listen and enjoy!

Phase 1: Introductory talk

Phase 2: PowerPoint presentation 

Phase 3: Masterclass practical exercises


From The Tutor:

I have been a teacher of Adult learning for over 20 years. I am open to being asked numerous questions and willing to help you begin the first steps towards finding your confidence.  As a Spiritualist Mediums DSNUTt, in demonstrating, TAP.Dip ability to train the trainer and remembering having no confidence when I first started, I know I can help you.


It aims to be a fun, interesting, uplifting albeit an intensive masterclass.  

This Masterclass is a foundation for beginner's wanting to learn how to become a Medium. On completion you have the opportunity to join our regular classes of Mediumship for beginners.


BOOK NOW where possible,

as spaces are limited.




Spiritualist Medium DSNUt

Spirit Artist & Fine Artist

She is a self-taught artist to a level of  commission professional realism artwork.  A professional teacher of adults for over 20 years and 8+ years as a  Spirit Artist and Medium. 

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