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The Benefits of Private Mentorships can support fast-track development!



Meet Your Mentor!

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Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Winner 2014


Anne-Marie Bond

Spiritualist Medium DSNU(D)t


Spirit Portrait Artist, Visionary Artist, Psychic Artist and Pet Portrait Artist

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Student Version

Makeover Version


View to Improve Your Spirit Portraits.



Not everyone is able to join the Spirit Art Mentorship either through timescales or payment structure. Therefore offering an alternative way to view how your drawings could be improved.


Spirit Portraiture Makeovers


How it works:

Choose from the three options below:

1) Picture Makeover - Solo Picture

2) Picture Makeover - Picture and Timelapse video

3) Picture Makeover - View and Watch in a live online session 


This service offers anyone interested in spirit portraits but not quite happy with their drawings.  I will print your completed drawing and draw over it, thus making changes that 'bring out the face' better.  This is a great way to introduce how you could improve your drawings.  There is no limit to how many you send in.



Flat drawing, headshot. Please ensure image taken in daylight. I offer three various ways to view your drawing. As a standalone completed piece of art, or also opt for the timelaspe video to see how it was done. You could opt for the Gold Package, send your drawing(s) in and live, online via Zoom, I will show you step by step how I draw over your drawing, making little tweaks here and there.  I am ver careful not to 'change the face' you have drawn but only to enhance it.  


Option 1: Makeover Single Drawing  £12.50

Static side-by-side (as shown in above picture) > Email over the portrait first > Makeover sent within 1 to 5 days. or within timeframe specified above.

Portrait MakeOver

Option 2: Makeover Single Drawing £25.00 

Video plus Static side-by-side > Email your drawing first following steps above. I will do a make over of your drawing and send you the timelapse recording and side-by-side picture.  

You will receive your drawing makeover within 1 to 4 days.

Option 3: Live Zoom Makeover TWO Drawings £50.00

Live 30 minutes VIA Zoom.

I will give two of your drawings a makeover live as you watch step by step in full time. 

No limits how often you use this Portrait Make-over Sessions. 

One Image/Portrait per payment unless choosing Gold Package.

To begin the process  please email me with your drawing. I will sent a link for your non-refundable payment. Once paid the drawing will be done either same day or within timeframe specified above.

 Let's Refine the Design and Open Your Skills as a Spirit Portraiture Artists


Helping you to become
Your Kind of Spirit Artist Medium

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU

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