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Developing Your Confidence in Spiritual Communication!

Refining Your Mediumship - Friday's Mediumship Mentorship Development

A limited numbered class of student's wishing to improve their skills as an online or platform evidential Medium. Anne-Marie your host for the Mentorship development each week will provide you with exercises to practice to strengthen and widen your range of ability to continue on the path of becoming a 'collaborative medium'.

Collabrative simply means someone willing to engage, participate, with new ideas to push their boundaries, willing to assess and self-evaluate and ultamitely to step into the attuenment to develop their conversation with spirit to a 'deeper level'.

Due to repeat students reaching out for daily supportive private chats, which cannot always be fulfilled due to other commitments, Anne-marie is now offering a mentorship group for Mediumship and Speaking development. Mentorship differs from the weekly Friday classes as enables time (if needed) for supportive repsonses outside of the session time.  Mentorship also promotes a smaller group number and certification (in-house) at the end.

The Mentorship is open to 12 students - runs for 8 months (the first two Friday's of each month). Anne-Marie believes that students' ought to work on 'themselves' first before jumping to the PUBLIC platform to perform with no idea about the foundation or importance if they are 'not in the space of freedom' of which to be abundant, then what their output is, may not meet their expecations.

The Portrait of Spirit's Mentorship programme consists of four phases

Preparation - Collaboration - Growth - Closure

Preparation - Understand Self - Understand Basics

Collaboration - Communicate Thoughts

Growth - Active Particiation - Learning by doing

Closure - Reaching a Satisfactory Platform of Ablities

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By Anne-Marie Bond


  • First two Fridays of every month (8 months)

  • First two Fridays of month 8 - Students Public Demonstration

Students who attend 'every session (expection of 1 session missed) and meets the closure criteria will receive a Portrait of Spirit certificate of Satisfactory completion.  You will awarded a Merit or Distinction.

(This certificate is not affliataed with any governing professional body - so will be in-house)

Anne-Marie will take her students through various tunnels lit by the light and training of Spirit to help each individual overcome inner fears, anxiety and low confidence to shine 'bright like a diamond' (yes the song....)


Student's will be experience tutition with practice on the following (not necessarily in the order shown) - suitable for intermidate/above



Sitting in the Power vs Meditation


The Importance of the Prayer

History Awareness

The Importance of Collaboration

The Spiritualist Voice - How to over-ride the Fear

The Poetic Spiritualist Talks

The Healing Voice



Evidential Mediumship and it's Technical glory

Week by week Mediumship training

How to work remotley with your spirit team

Includes Previous Mediumship training exericises to in-corporate the lessons to advance your growth to the outcome of closure. 

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Student's Public Assessment Demonstration 

This mentorship is open to previous and new students (but not complete beginners in Mediumship).  If you are COMPLETELY new, you may join the stage 1 (only) as suitable for beginners' to higher intermediates.  Any body wishing to join, will need to join from STAGE 1 as will be suitable for Beginners but also Higher Intermediates.  In order to qualify for the certification you will need to complete STAGE 1 and STAGE 2.  Those with the right intention and with the understanding Spirit may wish to work with you via other skills, not just through Mediumship delivery will do well on this Mentorship.

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TIMES: 4.30pm - 6.30pm

DATES 2021:

05 / 12 Feb

05 / 12 Mar

02 / 09 Apr

07 / 14 May

04 / 11 June

02 / 09 July

06 / 13 Aug

03 / 10 Sep  (Student's Public Assessment Demonstration)

An additional bonus (free session) will be included wthin the 8 months as a give away to those that have joined this full mentorship.

Once your exchange fee for mentorship has come through a link will be shared via email.  No adjustment in fee can be awarded if unable to make 'a specific session'. 

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Virtual Team Meeting


EARLY BIRD OFFER: £700 - OFFER ENDS Jan 22nd - must have paid non-refundable deposit of £150 by Jan 22nd 2021 - then can pay installments until May 5th.

SUPER EARLY BIRD: £500  - must have paid non-refundable deposit of £115 by Jan 10th 2021 - then can pay installments until April 15th.

Refunds only provided within 48 hours from payment sent (outside the non-refundable deposit)

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