This is a MEDIUMSHIP workshop to assist you discovering how to 'stay within the power' and deepen your evidence by working within a double or triple contact with another medium and maybe even with the tutor.

Student's often want to 'stay in the power' but rarely do exercises to promote that skill.  This workshop will help you experience the opportunity to see if it works for you and by breathing, slowing down, your evidence will be clearer and possibly more accurate.

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Drawing Spirit Guides Portraits 


Date: Sunday 18 SEPTEMBER 2021

  • Time: 17.00-20.00 (BST) - 12.00-15.00 (EST) - 09.00-12.00 (PDT) 

  • Location: Online via Zoom

  • Entry Requirements: Mixed Levels

You will work discover your drawing skill to create, produce Spirit Guide Portraits. They have huge benefits as through attunment the power of their message can be extradionary.  In this workshop you will work with pastels. Do book yourself a place in this limited number workshop and let's get Spiritually Creative!  Suitable for Beginners to Intermediate levels. 

  • Learn how to begin, draw your own Spirit guide portrait with pastel

  • Learn how to receive the message to accompany the drawing

  •  Not every guide, will be a Nun, Monk or African / Native American

  • Which of your guides will show themselves on paper during this special and unique class?

  • Which guide will be drawn (for you) by one of the other students?

  • What uplifting message does your Spirit support guide bring?

A spiritual mindfulness, relaxing artistic journey through the Art of Spirit to create the alignment of harmony throughout your mind, body and soul.

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Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond

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