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You've reached this page, as the registration for the 3 months speakers mentorship has closed for 2024. 


However, training and developing your inspirational speaking confidence is still available with Anne-Marie, as a private masterclass! Sounds good, keep reading! 


The opportunity offers a private session for 1-2 individuals, providing a 3-hour full instensive training masterclass. This focused approach ensures undivided attention to enhance your skills.

If you are interested, please see below.

The Nevous Inspirational Speaker

For nearly ten years, Anne-Marie has been supporting students in boosting their confidence while presenting on Spiritualist Philosophy for ten to fifteen minutes. Students have enhanced their ability to speak spontaneously for the full duration and learned how to captivate their audience. It's important to note that this mentorship is independent of the SNU's structure, program, or exam board, however, nearly all the students, after taking lessons with Anne-Marie, have successfully passed their board exams.


We will cover, the majortiy of the full mentorship but in a condensed format, allowing you ample practice and receive constructive confidence building feedback to help you with techniques to speak unaided, without a script, covering a variety of benefical tips to overcome your fear at public speaking.  See a few of the past students video feedback below.  Students who have followed her PPPPD guidelines have seen positive results. Curious about PPPPD? Join to discover more.

Grow Your Confidence to Speak

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In just three hours, you can discover the key ingredient to overcome the fear of freezing, the anxiety of not knowing what to say next, building trust, and honing the art of presenting. By mastering these skills, you can effectively deliver content that captivates your audience and motivates them to explore the seven principles shared by Emma Hardinge Britten.

You have the option to participate in a 3-hour Masterclass session centered on Public Speaking with an inspirational twist, where you will also be awarded an in-house completion certificate. Each session will be limited to a maximum of 2 students. If you are the only student booked, it still goes ahead!



  • Enhance your public speaking skills in an engaging and inspirational masterclass session.

  • Receive a personalised experience with a maximum of 1-2 student per session.

  • Gain valuable insights and techniques to boost your confidence and captivate your audience.

  • Walk away with an in-house completion certificate to showcase your dedication to self-improvement.

DATES/TIMES: Wednesday's 3PM UK (10am EST, 7am PST), or a Tuesday 6PM UK (1pm EST)

You have the choice to pay in full or make a down payment. A £10.00 PayPal administrative fee will be applied; hence, you can opt for two partial payments (including the £10 fee). If you select the installment plan, the full payment must be completed before the session starts.


The price includes the flexibility to select any Wednesday or Tuesday at your preferred time, subject to availability.

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Refine Your Speaking

Mic Public Speaking

with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU

Certificate Completion The Portrait of Spirit - Spirit Portrait Mentorship (6).png
“It was one of the best things I did. Going on Anne-maries speakers course really helped me improve my confidence”
I would highly recommend.



with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU

Helping you to become
Your Kind of Speaker


Lorna gives her feedback about her experience on the Speakers Course 

Rickie gives her feedback about her experience on the Speakers Course 

Jenny gives her feedback about her experience on the Speakers Course 

Refine Your Speaking

Private Mentorships




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