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How To Be Your Kind of Medium Mentorship.

The Benefits of Private Mentorships can support fast-track development!

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Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholarship Winner 2014


Anne-Marie Bond

Spiritualist Medium DSNU(D)t


Spirit Portrait Artist, Visionary Artist, Psychic Artist and Pet Portrait Artist



Image by Chris Montgomery

Online Mentorship for Evidential Platform Mediumship

with Anne -Marie Bond TAP.dip, DSNU





Current Status: 2 spaces remain

04 March 2023 to

26 August 2023 
6.3o pm - 8.00 pm UK GMT

Online via Zoom

Level: Intermediate > Mixed Levels

unsuitable for beginners




This seven months Mentorship focuses solely on stand-a-lone Mental Mediumship for Platform and Private Sitting, i.e., no art or public speaking.

The Mentorship is open to both UK and NON-UK students and focuses on supporting your:


  • Development as a platform demonstrator

  • Improving your delivery and increasing your flow

  • Finding your natural demonstrator style

  • Raising self-confidence

  • Open and Closing Prayers

  • Focus on your audience introduction before Deming

  • Staying within the power while working

  • Presenting accurate evidence

  • Rapport with the Recipient

  • Ability to engage the audience

  • Blind readings to create self-trust

  • Understanding of the recipient feedback for accuracy

  • Direct connection with the art of private sittings

  • Final message for the impact of Soul to Soul connection

  • This Mentorship contains a maximum of eight students to support fast-track development within six months. We meet monthly for 2 hours of intensive training or 3 hours with the maximum number of students enrolled. Together students practice a range of exercises to improve their ability to commune between both worlds effectively

  • Increase your skill to that of a stronger demonstrator

  • Free Access to the Secret pages on the website of Mediumship within this website for free listening to all uploads

  • All students have the opportunity with the speaking mentorship students to demonstrate in the LIVE public presentation. Students completing the public demonstration to the standard taught will receive an in-house completion certificate as this symbolizes the advancement you've made; however, to be understood, it is not affiliated with any professional body:

  • Students will be given constructive, beneficial feedback at the end of each session, so all students learn from others' feedback.

  • You will complete knowledge practical and theory work between sessions to strengthen your mental ability. Knowledge work is in place of the traditional term 'homework.'

  • An intermediate to advanced Mentorship is not suitable for complete beginners 

  • ​This Mentorship suits students wanting to increase their confidence, delivery, and accuracy as a platform demonstrator to find their unique and natural style and flow. Monthly meetings allow students to practice mid-month skills learned in the sessions and continue the practice at home by completing the knowledge work.

If you wish to proceed, I will forward you the payment link details.

Please email: and once payment is received, our session will begin within 14 days.


 Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip DSNU 


Book Your Workshop Today.I look forward to seeing you in class x






'Your Kind of Medium'.

Mentorship Open to Intermediate levels



Sessions are 6.30pm - 8.30pm, with maximum number of students classes may end between 9-9.30pm

Please note you will be invited to partcipate in theory knowledge work to assess your knowledge.


04 March 2023

01 April 2023

06 May 2023

03 June 2023

24 June 2023 (Optional Public Mock)

01 July 2023

29 July 2023

05 August 2023 

End of Mentorship

Optional LIVE Public Online Presentation

Friday 26 August 2022 (Optional Participation)


A completion (in-house) certificate will be offered to students able to complete the Live Public Presentation based on the criteria presented within the first session.

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip DSNU

Appointed AFC Tutor

Mediumship Mentorship £1200.00

Early Bird Price £1080 ends: 30 November 2022


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Email me for earlybird payment link if interested. Installments will be accepted.


The E.G.S of Mediumship is a formula created by Anne-Marie and her team to help you identify a more profound understanding of three types of evidence styles. Turn a No into a Yes, stay in your power while working and develop the confidence to say NO to a recipient even if they are the only hand raised.


with Anne-Marie Bond DSNU(D)t

Helping you to become
Your Kind of Medium